Engagement rings/bespoke design

Offering a complete bespoke design service for engagement rings and other occasion pieces, we make specially designed pieces to suit your requirements and budget, working with you throughout the process to ensure the piece is exactly what you want. The process includes stone selection, inspiration ideas and metal choices. We are also able to incorporate stones from personal pieces, or combine metals from your own jewellery. We will advise the best course of action to ensure the stones natural beauty is retained, while incorporating your own personal style and transform the existing family jewellery into a beautiful new piece.

“I had several wedding rings handed down to me from generations past and had no idea what to do with them. Jonathon was able to melt them all down and create two new rings, which my daughter used for her own wedding and engagement rings. This is something I hadn’t considered before and was thrilled to be able to use the rings for a new set.”

Client - Susan Hutchinson



We are able to offer all types of repairs; ring resizing, restoring and polishing, watch repairs, clasp replacing, charm bracelets and link work. It is amazing what a difference a polish and clean can do – your favourite piece could look brand new again.


Wedding Rings/Eternity Rings and Signet Rings

We can create any type of wedding ring you wish, from simple gold bands to bespoke stone set eternity rings, or a gold seal engraved signet ring. We are more than happy to discuss any design ideas you have and create exclusive pieces for your special day.



We offer the highest quality hand or laser engraving service available, which can range from very simple to highly intricate designs.


Our workshop and suppliers

Our workshop and precious metal suppliers are all based in Australia. We only use reputable dealers who use materials that are responsibly sourced and comply with the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) standards.